“Extremely funny… showed that serious music is still very much alive” GP, Sweden

“The peärls before swïne experience is one of the best things ever to happen to new music”

Expressen, Sweden

”Shows that one doesn’t have to turn one’s back on traditional ensembles to create something

new” Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

“Einfach qualitativ gute Musik! Und phantastisch musiziert dazu!” Fonoforum

”Chunky, acerbic, rythmically complex” Allan Kozinn, New York Times

“Den Sonderapplaus für diese Bemerkung hatte er sich wirklich verdient” Stuttgarter Nachrichten

“They don’t even try to break down barriers: they fall down by themselves. It’s not every day one

hears the avant-garde repertoire performed with such respectful disrespect. So much the better

when it happens” Nerikes Allehanda, Sweden

”With a necklace consisting of short pieces, the pearls before swine experience challenged in their

inimitable way the boundaries for what we sometimes call “art music ” Dagens Nyheter, Sweden