the group

the peärls before swïne experience are one of the most unique and memorable European ensembles for new western art music. They have for the past 20 years created their own niche thanks to a unique blend of outstanding musicianship and unforced audience contact. They have commissioned more than 150 short works from 22 countries, including pieces by Tristan Murail, Klas Torstensson, Anders Hillborg, David Lang, Annie Gosfield, Hanna Hartman, Bernhard Lang, and Paula Matthusen, and were pioneers in the field of new concert venues and concepts, performing regularly in rock clubs as early as 1995. The works they commission are put together to form programs that are always evolving organically, forming continually new concert concepts which continue to work in a variety of settings. Their three CDs mirror both the groups development and the times when they were recorded, forming an image of the past two decades of new musical thought in Sweden and Scandinavia.