works and composers

We’re pretty good at playing, but there are very very many people out there who are much better at writing music than we are. Luckily, several of them have been kind enough to write pieces for us. We have premiered around 100 works from 19 countries to date. Without composers, we’d have to just stand there onstage looking foolish, fingering our instruments nervously. So thanks are due to the following among many, many others:

Göran Gamstorp: Variation on a pulse (1995), Movements in a Triangular Room (1996), Variations of a motion 2000)

Mats Larsson Gothe: Houses in Motion (1994), a presto (2000)

Johan Jeverud: King Ludd’s Galliard (1994)

Jan Sandström: Overture to Bombi Bitt (1994)

Lars Ekström: Beat my Ora Dora (1994)

Per Mårtensson: In Flight (1995),  Quartet (2000)

Marie Samuelsson:  Penguin quartet (1994)

Chrichan Larson: Overture to Jan Louissa Quist (1996)

Paula af Malmborg Ward: A Trill for Buffalo Bill (1997)

Jouni Kaipainen (SF) : Time Flies (1995)

Glenn-Erik Haugland (N): We’re Lying (1994)

Atli Heimir Sveinsson (IS) : Rondo fantastico 2 (1994)

Karólina Eiriksdóttir (IS) : Impromptu (1994)

Karsten Fundal (DK): Two simple movements (1997)

Svend Hvitdfelt Nielsen (DK) : White Light (1994)

Daniel Nelson (S): Just Lookin’ for a Hit (1998)

Tristan Murail (F): Feuilles a travers les cloches (2000)

James R. Carlson (US) : Annuniantes (1996)

James R. Slater (US) : untitled (1996)

Jesus Torres (ESP): Fugace (1997)

Antonio Pinho Vargas (P) : Tres verso de Caire (1997)

Pietro Borradori (I) : The persistence of the objects 1997

James Clarke (GB): Echolalia (1997)

Marion Ingoldsby (IR) : A Woman, a lion and a rhinoceros (1997)

Marcel Wengler (LUX) : Swine Quartet (1997)

Philippe Boesmans BE) : unfinished work. 2000, still waiting…

Apostolos Dimitrakopoulos (GR) : Red Renaissance, Monteverdi’s Nightmare, and a Staircase (1997)

Michel van der Aa (NL): Quadrivial (1996)

Mika Pelo (S): Chains and transparency (1996)

David Lang (US) : Short Fall (2000)

S. Patric Simmerud : Pearls from Swine (1996)

Ylva Skog: terra firma (1996)

Anders Hillborg: Truffle hymn (2000)

Mikael Edlund: Cosi ballano i cingiali (1999)

Mårten Josjö: Tangram (1996)

Ida Lundén: lilla p (1996), Rrrrrp! (2007)

Fredrik Fahlman: Autumn Melody (1996)

Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred(N): Coherent Opposites (2000)

Annie Gosfield(US): Cranks and Cactus Needles (2000)

Johan Hammerth: Frustrations (2002)

Melis Seffers (EST) : Dendron (2001)

André Chini (S): Surströmmingsrap(p) 1999

Dror Feiler (S): P.O.P (2002)

Henrik Strindberg (S):lågmälda göranden (2002)

Fredrik Hedelin (S): The Glass Bead Game (2003)

Pär Lindgren (S): Soirée de noêl (2006)

Sten Hanson (S): 5 Musical Aphorisms (2003)

Folke Rabe (S): A chaser (2004)

Kim Hedås (S): (2005) så snart

Christoffer Elgh: (S) (2005) Variationer på en sentimental visa

Erik Peters (S) (2006) Ventriloquism, live sound installation

Mattias Petersson (S): 1st Application (2005)

Peter Hansen (S): Schweinbird (2005)

Yuriko Hase Kojima (JP): (2005) Pyramide de Verre

Daniel Karlsson (S): Arrivals and Departures (2005)

Hiroyuki Yamamoto (JP): Strait (2005)

Sachiyo Tsurumi (JP): Social Dance Encouragement #1 (2005)

Haruka Satow (JP): (2005) Sonic Blur

Moto Osada (JP): (2005) Porcine Go-Go

Tony Blomdahl (S): (2005) Antifocus

Christian Marina (S): Falso Brilliante (2006)

Simon Steen Andersen (DK): Next to Beside Besides # 6 (2007)

Olov Franzén (S): A short journey into my musical world (2009)

Diana Rotaru (RO): Tremurcutremur (2008)

Cristian Bence-Muk (RO): (2008)

Marcus Fjellström (S): Odboy and Erordog, part 2 (2009), prologue and part 3 (2013)

Maja Ratkje (NO): Breaking The News: (2010)

Steingrimur Rohloff (IS): Schtagededong (2010)

Klas Torstensson (S): A Pocket Violin Concerto (2010)

Anna Einarsson (S): Gold Mining (2010)

Lise-Lotte Norelius (S): DOS 5.0 (2011)

Ylva Lund Bergner (S): pas de signal (help) (2013)

Leilei Tian (S/Ch): Where Everything is Music (2011)

Jenny Hettne (S): Paths of Wood and Pearl (2011)

Marie Samuelsson (S): Fantasia i cirkel (2010)

Sean Hickey (US): Unintended Consequences (2011)

Ida Lundén (S): Prrrrrt! (2011)

Michael Sollis (AUS): Water into Swïne (2012)

Fredrik Olofsson (SE) RedO (2012)

Niels Rønsholt (DK): Burning (2012)

Örjan Sandred (SE): Fragments of light (2014)